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Ten Things Tuesday

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Hmmm….I am still working on a schedule for this lovely place but I know for certain that I will be doing a 10 Things Tuesday (as borrowed from Mrs. Chili). As I am new around here, I think I shall do a Getting to Know Me theme for this Tuesday.  This might actually have to spread over a few posts. Let’s start with Me…next week I will cover the family and pets.

10 Things About Me

  1. I am Teacher. I teach English in the downtown of Los Angeles to a group of wiggly 8th graders. I love what I do and work with the most amazing group of teachers but know that I am really not a middle school teacher. I want to be in high school – I need them to be a wee bit more ready made when they get to me then they are in 8th grade. I what to have heated discussions about literature, I want to make them write the best they can, I want to watch them go off to college knowing I have done something. While I realize I can do this in middle school but they are just too wiggly. I have plans – I will talk more about that later…
  2. I am a Knitter. I love the craft. I love the act of crafting and gifting. I knit for family and few friends. I make small projects – I need that somewhat immediate gratification of a job done and gifted. Many projects are on the needles currently, more then I like so I am making a list and ticking them off.
  3. I am a Reader. I have moved to audio books as I have a commute in the afternoon that must become more productive, so I have chosen this option. First up will be “Freedom”. I am thinking this might need its own post. (Add that to a list)
  4. I am a Mom. This is a post onto itself so I will leave you with that I have 2 amazing daughters, C who is 19 and K who is 17. They deserve their very own post – each their own. They fill my life and my thoughts but they live their own lives as it should be.
  5. I am a Wife. Married for 20.5 fun filled years to a man I dated/cohabitated (?) with for 7.5 years. He is my friend and my lover. I truly am blessed with a great life partner though I question this often lately. Just a little bit of middle life restlessness I think. I am happy and content. That is a good thing.
  6. I am a Sister. I am the youngest sister of 1 brother, who lives in Madison, WI with his wee family; a sister, who lives just far enough away to make me miss her though we text often, daily, if not hourly. She has an amazing boy of 10 and a husband who leaves much to be desired. Finally, I have a sister who I have a relationship of love and frustration. She is an addict who has fought her sobriety for the last 30 years. She is sober today and for that I am thankful – check back tomorrow.
  7. I am a Daughter. This is a relationship that caused me much chaos. My mother is a challenge and my father is getting old. Enough said.
  8. I am a Friend. I have a wonderful tight group of friends. The cast of characters will appear as needed but I know all will be introduced at some point. All of my friends come from the school and soccer lives of my daughters but all have transcended the playground and the pitch. I am blessed. Very blessed.
  9. I am a Volunteer. This was a large part of the raising of my daughters. We were very active in our local AYSO region as well as Section and the Parent organizations of each school my daughters have attended. It is something that rules our lives – the girls know that you don’t get to just show up. 10% do 90% – that is our mantra. We did this as a family and it kept our girls close and safe. I love volunteering and am searching for that next project as the girls move onto college.
  10. I am a Swimmer. I love the solitude of the water. The pool is my haven of peace – no phone, no voice, no requirements. I have a goal of 100 miles this year – wish me luck.

And that is 10 things about me…really!


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January 5, 2011 at 12:48 am

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